Well, this band really captivated me months ago. Trooper’ s band members are:

1. Alin ,,Coiotu” Dinca – Lead Vocals


2. Aurelian ,,Balaur” Dinca – Lead/Rhythm Guitar; Backing Vocals


3. Laurentiu Popa – Lead/Rhythm Guitar


4. Ionut ,,Oscar” Radulescu – Bass Guitar; Backing Vocals


5. Ionut John Covalciuc – Drums


Ok so, now as you met the band, I’m pretty sure you want to listen to some of their songs. Well, here they are:

1. Strigat

2. Tari Ca Muntii

3. Doar A Mea

4. Amintiri

5. Un Singur Drum

6. Vlad Tepes

7. Voodoo

Alright so, I hope you will enjoy this band and tell your friends about ’em. If you like heavy metal, this is the best choice for ya. I have to say that they barely changed my life. I was at one of theirs concert and it felt awesome! They love their fans as they love theirs mothers so you would like them for sure. Cheers! 😉


What about Black Metal?


Children Of Bodom

Cradle Of Filth

Dimmu Borgir



I really love those songs and I hope you like them too…See ya the next time!!!

Didn’t write for a very long time…

I didn’t write for a very long time…I know…I’m so fuckin’ despite because I couldn’t go at The Tuborg Greenfest…there were bands like Guns N’ Roses,Ugly Kid Joe,Godsmack,Evanescence and a lot of other great bands and I couldn’t go…Anyway,I’m here for something else. 9 days ago I found myself a boyfriend.All the pain that I got through before that and all the shit that appeared like ,,I’m alone” and other shits disappeared completely.I feel so alive when I’m with him and I know that I miss him and I know that I will cannot wait to see him again.I like the way he talks to me,I like the way he holds my hand,I love the ways he kisses me and I love the way he embraces me.Everything he does is magic…I really like him and I hope he likes me too and I hope I mean something for him not just another girl on his list…Because I really care about him and I really wanted to be with him…All happened like this…We were in Red Jack with the beer and I couldn’t resist to tell him so i wrote him a message that sounded like this : ,,Maybe it will sound strange to you but I think I start to like you” and he was like looking at me,smiling and : ,,Me too” and a beautiful song started on:

This became our song to me and since then…I can’t stop thinking at him:X:X:X


I found this band called ,,Poison”.I think you heard about them.Let me share some pictures..



So this is the band.

Bobby Dall-bassist


C.C DeVille-guitarist

Rikki Rokket-drummer

And…Bret Michaels-Vocalist

So…here I have some songs:

1.Unskinny Bop

2.Talk Dirty To Me

3.Every Rose Has Its Thorn

4.Nothing But A Good Time

And…5.I Want Action

And…That’s it…I hope you liked it!Enjoy!;)

Motley Crue

This is the one of the greatest bands in the world(my opinion)…From L to R :Tommy Lee,Mick Mars,Vince neil and Nikki Sixx

This is Live Wire

This is Kickstart My Heart

This is Dr.FeelGood

This is Smokin’ In The Boys Room

This is Girls,Girls,Girls


This is another great band called Cinderella…

Tom Keifer-lead vocals,lead and rhythm guitar

Eric Brittingham-bass guitar,backing vocals

Jeff LaBar-lead guitar,backing vocals

Fred Coury-Drums,percussion,backing vocals

Cinderella-Shake Me

Cinderella-Gypsy Road

Cinderella-Somebody Save Me

Cinderella-Don’t Know What You Got(Till It’s Gone)