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Alice is In Chains here!

Hey, people! This one says Alice In Chains, a grunge band which singer and bass player died. Let’s see the band now.

1. Jerry Cantrell  – lead guitar, backing and lead vocals


2. William DuVall  – Rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals


3. Mike Inez  – Bass guitar,  backing vocals


4. Sean Kinney  – Drums, Percussion, Piano


5. Layne Staley – Lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar


The whole group, as it was before Staley’s death:

Alice In Chains Motorized front

Some of their songs :

1. Would?

2. Man In The Box

3. Rooster

So, this band is one of the greatest bands I’ve ever heard of. They have a great story and they make a great work together. Enjoy it! 🙂



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