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Well, this band really captivated me months ago. Trooper’ s band members are:

1. Alin ,,Coiotu” Dinca – Lead Vocals


2. Aurelian ,,Balaur” Dinca – Lead/Rhythm Guitar; Backing Vocals


3. Laurentiu Popa – Lead/Rhythm Guitar


4. Ionut ,,Oscar” Radulescu – Bass Guitar; Backing Vocals


5. Ionut John Covalciuc – Drums


Ok so, now as you met the band, I’m pretty sure you want to listen to some of their songs. Well, here they are:

1. Strigat

2. Tari Ca Muntii

3. Doar A Mea

4. Amintiri

5. Un Singur Drum

6. Vlad Tepes

7. Voodoo

Alright so, I hope you will enjoy this band and tell your friends about ’em. If you like heavy metal, this is the best choice for ya. I have to say that they barely changed my life. I was at one of theirs concert and it felt awesome! They love their fans as they love theirs mothers so you would like them for sure. Cheers! 😉


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