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Didn’t write for a very long time…

I didn’t write for a very long time…I know…I’m so fuckin’ despite because I couldn’t go at The Tuborg Greenfest…there were bands like Guns N’ Roses,Ugly Kid Joe,Godsmack,Evanescence and a lot of other great bands and I couldn’t go…Anyway,I’m here for something else. 9 days ago I found myself a boyfriend.All the pain that I got through before that and all the shit that appeared like ,,I’m alone” and other shits disappeared completely.I feel so alive when I’m with him and I know that I miss him and I know that I will cannot wait to see him again.I like the way he talks to me,I like the way he holds my hand,I love the ways he kisses me and I love the way he embraces me.Everything he does is magic…I really like him and I hope he likes me too and I hope I mean something for him not just another girl on his list…Because I really care about him and I really wanted to be with him…All happened like this…We were in Red Jack with the beer and I couldn’t resist to tell him so i wrote him a message that sounded like this : ,,Maybe it will sound strange to you but I think I start to like you” and he was like looking at me,smiling and : ,,Me too” and a beautiful song started on:

This became our song to me and since then…I can’t stop thinking at him:X:X:X


About rosehudson

I'm a rocker girl.My inspirations are Slash and Duff McKagan.

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