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Skid Row

This is my second favourite band:Skid Row

Rachel Bolan (Bass Guitar,backing Vocals)

Dave ,,The Snake” Sabo (Rhythm Guitar,Backing Vocals)

Scotti Hill(Lead Guitar,Backing Vocals)

Rob Affuso(Drums)

Sebastian Bach(Vocals)


1.Skid Row


1.18 & Life

2.Big Guns

3.Can’t Stand The Heartache

4.Here I Am

5.I Remember You

6.Makin’ A Mess


8.Piece Of  Me

9.Rattlesnake Shake

10.Sweet Little Sister

11.Youth Gone Wild

2.Slave To The Grind


1.Monkey Business

2.Slave To The Grind

3.The Threat

4.Quicksand Jessus

5.Psycho Love

6.Beggars Day

7.Livin’ On A Chain Gang


9.In A Darkened Room

10.Riot Act


12.Wasted Time

13.Get The Fuck Out


About rosehudson

I'm a rocker girl.My inspirations are Slash and Duff McKagan.

3 responses to “Skid Row

  1. Alyss_Mckagan ⋅

    We need Sebastian Bach back!!!In fine…
    Asta e trupa mea preeeeeeeeeeeeeeferataaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yuhuuu SKID ROWWWWWW VA IUBEEEEEEESC!!!

  2. Axel ⋅

    I love Skid Row a big fan of them

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