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Duff McKagan

Album from Duff McKagan (1993)

Duff McKagan-Believe In Me (1993)


1.Believe In Me(Feat. Slash)
2.(Fucked Up) Beyond Belief(Feat. Jeff Beck)
3.Ten Years(Feat. Gilby Clark)
4.Could It Be You(Feat. Dizzy Reed)
5.Fuck You
6.I Love You
7.Just Not There(Feat. Slash)
8.Man In The Meadow
9.Punk Rock Song
10.Swamp Song(Feat. Jeff Beck)
11.The Majority(Feat. Lenny Kravitz)
12.Trouble(Feat. Sebastian Bach)

Duff McKagan-Beautiful Disease (1999)


1.Beautiful Disease
5.Missing You
6.Put You Back
9.Shining Down
10.Song For Beverly
12.Then And Now
13.Who’s To BlameDuff McKagan(sexy)

Bass Solo by Duff McKagan


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I'm a rocker girl.My inspirations are Slash and Duff McKagan.

One response to “Duff McKagan

  1. Alyss_Mckagan ⋅

    asaaa mah asta-i idolul meu!!!!Duff Mckagan the best bassist ever(pt mn cel putin:D)

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