Happy Birthday Izzy Stradlin!

Today is the 51st birthday of a very great man, ex- rhythm guitarist for Guns N’ Roses. Born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, Jeffrey Dean Isbell is one of the soulest guitarist I’ve ever heard of. He was all the time very silent and relaxed. He loved being a very calm man. So we’ll celebrate his birthday with all our rocking souls and hearts as his fans. Once again, HAPPY MOTHERFUCKIN’ BIRTHDAY TO Izzy Stradlin, one of the greatest guitarists ever!!!



Happy Birthday to Cobain!

Kurt Cobain NirvanaToday would have been the 46th birthday of the great man Kurt Cobain, singer and guitar player for Nirvana. I’m sure you guys all heard about him or his band. He, unfortunately, died in 1994 at the age of 27. Some say he died of a drug abuse, some say he killed himself but I wanna say that he had a painful drug abuse and killed himself. I listened to the song You Know Your Right and I had this conclusion. So, I just wanna wish him Happy Birthday and I hope he is very good there in heaven rocking with the angels!

Happy Birthday Axl Rose!

Axl Rose3Today is the 51st birthday of Axl Rose, the singer of Guns N’ Roses. He played in Hollywood Rose back in ’83. He met Slash, Duff and Steven, as the members of Road Crew and they formed together Guns N’ Roses. He still sings with Guns N’ Roses in these days and he had and has a very successful life. So, once again, Happy Birthday Axl Rose!

Happy Birthday Duff McKagan!

Today we are celebrating the 49th anniversary of Duff McKagan. He is a great bass player, a very sexy and tall guy!Duff McKagan94 He inspired me of doing what I like best : playing music, making music, be strong and be loved by others. Another drug abuser unfortunately. But don’t worry he is ok now. He played in Guns N’ Roses, he has a solo career, he plays in Velvet Revolver and he’s got another very fuckin’ cool project named Duff McKagan’s Loaded. Loaded released an album in 2011 named The Taking and I’d like to say that they did a very great job. This man deserves everything he gets. He’s got a lovely wife, two lovely children and a very successful life. His inspiration is Sid Vicious, the bass player of Sex Pistols. Duff was more into punk but he ended up playing Hard Rock. When he met Slash they became friends, and they still keep in touch until these days. So, once again, Happy Motherfuckin’ Birthday to Duff McKagan! A badass motherfucker! We love ya,bro!

Alice is In Chains here!

Hey, people! This one says Alice In Chains, a grunge band which singer and bass player died. Let’s see the band now.

1. Jerry Cantrell  – lead guitar, backing and lead vocals


2. William DuVall  – Rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals


3. Mike Inez  – Bass guitar,  backing vocals


4. Sean Kinney  – Drums, Percussion, Piano


5. Layne Staley – Lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar


The whole group, as it was before Staley’s death:

Alice In Chains Motorized front

Some of their songs :

1. Would?

2. Man In The Box

3. Rooster

So, this band is one of the greatest bands I’ve ever heard of. They have a great story and they make a great work together. Enjoy it! 🙂


Happy Birthday Steven Adler!

Steven Adler1Today, 22nd of January, 2013 we are celebrating the 48th birthday of the great ex-drummer of the great band Guns N’ Roses, Steven Adler. This man had a drug overdose. The other members of Guns N’ Roses fired him because of his drug overdose. He was so sad that he drank a bottle of vodka from just one shot. He thought that the guys were his friends so instead of firing him they could have help him to give up with the drugs. He wanted to kill himself a couple of times but God gave him the power to become a good man again. He had the power to quit the drugs but when you see him or hear him speaking you might think that he is stoned. Well, he is not stoned but, from that overdose he cannot talk that well anymore. It’s so sad that he practically destroyed his life. But he still goes on drumming and I hope he inspired a lot of people to quit drugs. Anyway, I’m going to stop writing only the bad things he did. I will try to remember him while he was a teenager. As Slash says in his autobiography they were very good friends. They put the band together starting as Road Crew, then joined Hollywood Rose and then became the famous Guns N’ Roses. So we should wish him a Happy Birthday and best wishes. This man deserves every good thing that he gets. He deserves every sign of love that he gets from his beloved fans. He just turned 48 so, once again, Happy Birthday Steven Adler!!! Keep on rocking! You deserve everything…

Rest in peace Steve Clark

Today are 22 years since Steve Clark was found dead on his couch. He died by an overdose of codeine and had Valium, morphine and alcohol level of .30. He was buried at Wisewood Cemetery, Loxley, Sheffield, near the Clark family home.

So, in his memory please play the old songs of Def Leppard as loud as you can, so he can hear you. That means The discography from 1978 to 1991.

Def LeppardThat’s all. REST IN PEACE Steve Clark (23rd April, 1960 – 8th January, 1991).